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During his time at college, Nick Bottomley (Bears and You) spent a lot of late nights staying up listening to the campus radio station, where the music played often reflected the sleeplessness and haziness of its audience. It was these sounds that inspired his second EP, Yearbook. The songs on it are reflective of his time spent at school, and by the oddly intimate connection of tuning in to the lonely radio transmissions bouncing up and down the coast.

In between class and homework, the record came together over the course of 3 years, eventually becoming four perfect, versatile, vulnerable, electronic songs. Subsequently, Yearbook is four years in twenty minutes; the sound of growing up and letting go as you watch a rocket pierce the sky before daybreak.


released June 21, 2016

Bears and You is Nicholas Bottomley.
"Closer Than It Seems" is cowritten and sung by Zana Jipsen.

Yearbook is based on my experiences at university. It was inspired by the strange, lonely connection I felt listening to the college radio station at 3 in the morning, hearing sounds I had never heard before, and wondering who was on the other side of the airwaves.

My deepest thanks to my friends and family: Zana Jipsen, Maxton Stenstrom, Ashleigh Payne, Natalia Adams, Luke Kim, Meysell Quintana, Shannen Roberts, Linda Roman, Michelle Samayoa, Joey Casalenuovo, Emily Hicks, Brandon Kado, Josh Vasquez, Brian Long, and Israel Vasquez, for your contributions, both direct and indirect.



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Bears and You Los Angeles, California

Bears and You is Nicholas Bottomley. I make music in my bedroom.

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Track Name: Closer Than It Seems
thought about you all day
heard you in my ear
all the things that you say
i will keep them near
while i'm away
i hope i'm on your mind
if i may
you will be on mine

we sang our song aloud
felt my chest expand
just the sweetest sound
my heart could withstand
while i'm away
you'll be in my dreams
someday may be
closer than it seems
Track Name: Come to the Party
do you wanna come see my band?
put a gun in my hand
do you wanna come to the party?
do you wanna come drink with me?
do something embarrassing
do you wanna come to the party?

all along
i've been afraid
thinking of you
all along
i've been afraid
i've been afraid

has it been as long as it seems?
have i been in your dreams?
do you wanna come to the party?
are you leaving after this song?
do you mind if i tag along?
do you wanna come to the party?